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Minneapolis Solid Waste Customers Can Sign Up for Organic Recycling

Minneapolis residents can sign up for organics recycling.

Minneapolis Solid Waste customers are invited to sign up for the service, and the rollout will be based on geographic area. Minneapolis officials say service will be available to 25 percent of customers in August, and service will be available for all city residents in the spring of 2016.

Minnetonka Prepares to Cut Down Diseased, Potentially Dangerous Trees

Hundreds of trees across the city of Minnetonka will be cut down this year. Those trees are either diseased or pose a safety risk, according to city officials.

The city is expected to accept a $114,979 bid to cut down 700 trees on public property. Residents with diseased trees will have to pay their own removal costs.

Minneapolis Considers Statewide Mattress Recycling

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The Minneapolis City Council is proposing the creation of a statewide mattress recycling program to ease the burden of the cumbersome and costly item at landfills.

Minnesota DNR to Sample for Deer Disease

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The state Department of Natural Resources is encouraging hunters in southeast Minnesota to submit deer for chronic wasting disease sampling.

Community Group Stocks Lake Minnetonka with Walleye

Thousands of walleye will be dumped into Lake Minnetonka on Friday in an attempt to make the lake a “legendary walleye fishery.”

Minneapolis Single-Sort Service Boosts Recycling

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The Minneapolis public works committee says residents are recycling at least a quarter more waste following a switch to single-sort recycling.

Minneapolis Mayor Pushes Organics Recycling Program

What do you do with your food scraps? Do they go in the garbage? Do you grind them up in a disposal and wash them down the drain?

If you live in Minneapolis, Mayor Betsy Hodges would one day like everyone to compost those scraps.