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Coyotes in Minnetonka | Environment

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Coyotes in Minnetonka
Coyotes in Minnetonka

The Minnetonka Police Department is putting out a warning about coyotes. They say there has been an increase in coyote sighting in Minnetonka recently so they want to let people know how to stay safe. They even offer some ideas on how to decrease the population through a method called hazing.

Coyotes can be dangerous to pets and even children. The first thing people can do is avoid feeding them. That means not leaving pet food outside where the coyotes could get to it. But what police say could be most effective in pushing the coyotes out of town is hazing. Hazing is a way of making the animals afraid of humans without hurting them or killing them. Police suggest making loud noises and waving your arms when you see a coyote. People could even run after the animal or do anything to scare it away.

Police say if more people around Minnetonka work on scaring the coyotes away they won't feel comfortable and will find somewhere else to go, away for neighborhoods full of families.


Police chief, Mark D. Raquet cites Denver, Colorado as an example. "After trying artificial removal for years with no success, a hazing program was implemented. Once residents began using this technique, the number of coyote sightings dropped drastically."

The good news is that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says there has never been a coyote attack on a human being in Minnesota. For more information on coyotes in Minnetonka and how to avoid them go to http://www.eminnetonka.com/police/animals/wildlife/coyotes.cfm.

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