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Controlling Box Elder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles | Environment

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Controlling Box Elder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles

Are bugs coving the walls outside your home?  Pest control experts say this is the time of year when Box Elder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles are looking for a warm place to spend the winter.  They tend to congregate outside on the South and Southwest side of buildings.  The pests are trying to get into cracks or other openings into houses.

Because of the early spring this year and the extended warm fall weather the bugs are extra active this year.  Mike Misk of Rainbow Pest Experts in Minnetonka says they should start to go away with the first hard freeze of the season.  But if some of the bugs have already gotten inside they could show up all winter long.  Misk says they go dormant in the winter, but the warmth of you home or warm sunshine in the winter could wake them up and you could see Box Elder Bugs flying inside in February.

People looking to get rid of the pests right now can call a professional pest expert or try some home remedies.  Spraying soap and water on the outside walls where the bugs gather can slow them down.  There are also some treatments available at home stores that people can apply themselves.  Another good idea is to close up the cracks in your walls and replace torn screens so the bugs have fewer places where they can get inside.  But, nothing slows down bugs more than a good Minnesota winter.

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