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Minneapolis Changes Food-to-Alcohol Ratio for Some Restaurants

The Minneapolis City Council voted Friday to change laws affecting some restaurants that sell alcohol outside of the Downtown area.

Edina High Schools Starts Tougher Restrictions at Football Games

There are changes at Edina High School as the district cracks down on underage drinking.

School officials found empty beer cans and plastic liquor bottles last week at Kuhlman Stadium. District officials say students will no longer be able to bring liquids or backpacks into the stadium. There will also be increased security in the student sections and at the gates.

Major Robbinsdale Water Main Break Could Cost $250K, or More

A major water main break is causing traffic problems in Robbinsdale.

The break happened around 7 p.m. Thursday at County Road 9/42nd Avenue North from the railroad tracks to Highway 100. At its peak, the water was about a foot deep and stretched for blocks.

Hennepin Co. Prosecutor Files Petition to Protect Adrian Peterson's Son

A petition to protect Adrian Peterson's 4-year-old son was filed Friday by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

The Minnesota Vikings star running back was charged with a felony in Texas for using a wooden switch to spank his son while he was visiting Peterson's home in May. Peterson said he was using a form of discipline his father used on him as a boy.

Cone Zone: 3 Major Projects in Metro Will Slow Drivers Down this Weekend

Twin Cities’ drivers are bound to get stuck in traffic this weekend. There are three major projects that you'll want to avoid.

Mpls. Council Approves Revised Terms for Downtown East Development

Plans for the area above a Downtown East parking garage moved forward Friday, with the Minneapolis City Council approving a revised term sheet with the developer.

Snowplow Drivers Prepare for the Possible Wrath of Old Man Winter

With snow coming in the next few months, snowplow drivers across the state are getting ready.

More than 90 plow operators are participating in an intensive training program preparing them for the worst road conditions.