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Hennepin County Property Taxes Due in 15 Days | News

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Hennepin County Property Taxes Due in 15 Days

With the fall in Hennepin County comes the beautiful leaves and the not-so-pretty reality that property taxes are due in mid-October.

The property taxes are due October 15th and pay for  public services throughout the county--from schools to parks to mosquito control to schools and libraries.

More than 70 independent local governments within the county have the authority to levy a property tax.

For homeowners, it means your property tax statement is really 7 to 10 tax bills consolidated into one statement.

You can pay in a number of different ways.

The county has several online services: an E-Check is a one-time payment that comes directly from your checking or savings account; Direct Debit, which deducts from your bank account automatically on a recurring basis; or a Credit or Debit Card---you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

You can also mail in your payment or pay in person.

For more information on all these options, click here.




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