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Some Minnesota Evergreen Losing Their Green | News

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Some Minnesota Evergreen Losing Their Green

Some Minnesota evergreens are not living up to their name this winter, thanks in large part to the lack of snow and moisture.

Evergreens are typically covered in snow this time of year and they store moisture from the fall. But this year, no snow and an unseasonably dry fal is leaving them more vulnerable than ever.

Many are left with brown needles or dead spots. If you see this on any of your trees it's important to act now  because once the damage is done it can't be fixed.

"That part won't come back. The plant will rejuvenate it self somewhat. Depending on how bad the damage is will depend on how the plant does. It won't kill the plant necessarily, but it won't always look the best either," says Carol Hejl of Gertens Greenhouse and Nursery.

Hejl says you can put a burlap tent around the south and west side of your plant to protect it from the sun and wind. That will help the green needles stay green through the winter.

Perrienals are also struggling this winter because snow would typically insulate the bulbs. Hejl says a layer of hay or mulch will allow those plants to come back in the spring.


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