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Splash Pad Opens for Cool Fun | Parents & kids

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Splash Pad Opens for Cool Fun
Splash Pad Opens for Cool Fun

This article was written by Eden Prairie City Manager Rick Getschow.

Summer must be here because we just opened the splash pad at Miller Park (8208 Eden Prairie Road) Monday. Within one day it is already getting lots of use and we are getting some great feedback on the City's Facebook Page about it!

Here are a few answers to some FAQs about the splash pad:

  • The water at the splash pad is City water
    • The used water is collected and reused by the City for irrigation
      • The splash pad is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. –outside of those hours, the water is turned off
        • When not in use, the splash pad can be turned on or activated by pressing the button in the middle of the blue circle on the ground in the center of the pad

        In addition to this photo of the splash pad, here’s a link to a neat video of kids enjoying the water:


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